#68 Set Up A Hammock

chalkboard parenting

A great way to spend time with kids is to set up a hammock together

Set Up And Lay In A Hammock Together:

This idea lands on a lot of people’s “bucket lists.” It doesn’t take much to make this idea happen, yet so many people never find or make the time to do it. All you need for this is the hammock and a couple of trees, or if you prefer to do this during a cold or rainy season, many of the models will allow you to hang them in your home until warmer weather arrives.

Few things come to mind more than lying in a hammock in the woods or your backyard, for that matter, reading a book or taking a nap.

Take some time and a hammock and find a place to rest with your child.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

Hammocks are a great way to chill out in our busy lives. This idea is special because you can go and spend some time together in a couple of hammocks, but then having now owned a hammock or two, you can utilize them in the future. You can permanently set it up in your back yard, somewhere in the house as like a reading nook or leave it in the car for spontaneous times the future.

Teachable Moments:

The importance of rest and self-care.


As stated, setting up the hammock is the idea, but you can do this inside or out, rain or shine. You can do it at your residence or in a national park. You can people watch, nap, read, listen to music, bird watching, the variations are limitless.

chalkboard parenting

A great way to spend time with kids is to set up a hammock together


You can purchase a hammock or Eno on Amazon anywhere from $30 and up (see below for useful links).


If you want to purchase the hammock in advance (online), you would want to make sure it will arrive in time for your date; otherwise, you can pick one up at your local sporting goods or apparel store on the day of your date.

Reference Websites:

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Amazon Resources:

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For a list of other ideas on how to spend one-on-one time with your child, see the full list here.

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