#32 Make Homemade Pizza

chalkboard parenting

A great way to spend time with your kids is to make homemade pizza

Make Homemade Pizza:

Most of us – adults and kids alike – love pizza. Making a pizza together creates teachable moments in the kitchen with a lot of room for creativity. You may choose to duplicate a recipe from your favorite pizza establishment, or you can start from scratch. You can research the perfect pizza recipe before heading to the store, or just decide once you get there. Regardless, I would recommend making the trip to the store part of your date. Find some Italian music to play in the background and maybe look up how pizza itself got started.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

There is something special about two people making a meal together in the kitchen. The process is excellent for conversation and for learning together. You have an opportunity to eat what you prepared, which then leads to more discussion.

Teachable Moments:

Learning to cook

Discussions about which foods (meats, bread, cheese, and vegetables) are good for you and which ones aren’t

Grocery shopping

Having a budget for your groceries



Make a pizza for other members of your family. Prepare the pizza on the grill as opposed to the traditional oven. Or each person can make his or her pizza, and then the two of you can see which one is better. Continue making pizzas after your date, become good at it, and share a secret recipe that only the two of you know.


There is no expense for this date other than the money you spend on the pizza, which would come out of your grocery budget.

chalkboard parenting

A great way to spend time with your kids is to make pizza together at home


You can research pizza recipes before your evening together, but otherwise, no advanced planning is needed.

Reference Websites:

How to make pizza

Homemade pizza

How to make pizza at home

Topping and baking pizza

Homemade pizza

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