#3 Making Healthy Snacks At Home

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A great way to spend time with your child is to create healthy snack ideas.



Making Healthy Snacks At Home:

Making healthy snacks at home allows you to spend an evening or afternoon in the kitchen – always a great place to spend time together. It will also pay dividends for the future and their health. We all want our children to eat as healthy as they can, but one of the biggest hurdles to that is sugary or salty snacks. This is especially true for eating on the go, while out on the town, or a trip. At home, you have more control and better choices as to what to give your kids between meals, but this can prove difficult when out and about. This date is sure to help with that!

You’ll want to do a little pre-date research to prepare for your enjoyable time in the kitchen. In your research, I recommend finding several different simple yet healthy snack recipes that you think your children will enjoy. You know their tastes, likes, and dislikes better than anyone: keep these in mind as you plan.

For the first part of your date, the two of you can go to the local grocery store and pick out the ingredients. Depending on their age, you may want to explain the extended purpose behind your date. When you get home, try out as many recipes as possible. Have fun with it! Maybe get an apron or chef’s hat before your time together as a surprise. Just make sure they’re involved in all steps of the process. Some snacks they may like and some they may not, but try several of them. When the time together is over, you’ll have had a great time in the kitchen – and hopefully, also come out with some great simple snack recipes they like.

While it is indeed possible to find healthy snacks to purchase at the store, the options can sometimes be scarce or expensive, depending on what’s available in your town or neighborhood. This date offers a fun, creative solution to this problem and is perfect for children of any age. If grocery stores don’t satisfy your desire for healthy snacks, this will be a great date for you and your family!

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special) 

For me, the most unique thing about this date is knowing that I’m providing my kids with good, healthy snack options. This is especially urgent as their bodies are growing. That may not be something your children themselves can comprehend based on their age, but it will be meaningful to you.

For them, helping you in the kitchen is something you may not realize is very important to them. Your child may not see you in the kitchen often, but even at a young age, they know the importance of food. For your child to have an opportunity to help make decisions regarding what to eat and learn how to make, it will be exceptional. Some kids will like this date more than others, but almost all children will enjoy one-on-one time with a parent is an essential room in their home.

Teachable Moments:

  • The importance of eating well
  • Cooking and baking
  • Grocery shopping (coupons and budgets)

This date lets you teach your kids how to cook or bake and the details that go along with those activities. It also creates an opportunity for dialogue on the importance of putting good foods in our bodies. Use analogies and ask questions related to things they find important to get them thinking. Ask them, for instance: If you make a bad decision for something you love, how might it impact that good thing? Then bring it back around to how our bodies react when we make bad decisions related to the food we put in them.

Kids lunch box with a healthy meal.


There are many variations on this date. Take the concept of the two of you experimenting in the kitchen together and take it where you like. Maybe you’d prefer a breakfast experiment where you help your kids discover their favorite breakfast foods! Or recipes for granola bars or soups – whatever captures your kids’ enthusiasm.


Dining. Food. Free. Health. Indoor. Kitchen.


The expense of making healthy snacks at home should be minimal to none. If you’re buying items you’d typically buy with your grocery money or at least things you’ll eat at home, you’re not spending additional money at all. You can make this date reasonably priced or even free if you don’t count the grocery money.


You’ll want to do some advanced planning before your date, but you don’t have to spend a lot of time researching the recipes. Just hop online and do some homework for making children’s healthy snacks at home. I advise involving your kids themselves in choosing what you plan to make. This way, when you go to the grocery store on the date, you already know they want the recipes you’re going to try. This gives you a better chance of having good results on the date and beyond.

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