#15 Make a List of Movies to Watch Together

Chalkboard Parenting one on one time together

A great way to spend one-on-one time with your child is to make a list of movies to watch together

Create a List of Movies To Watch Together:

Seemingly very simple at first, this date is great for a rainy day or cold weather one-on-one time. It’s free or costs very little, and creates one-on-one time with each other for months. I’ve provided a few websites that offer great movies to put on your list.

One thing my kids enjoy almost as much as watching the movie is watching movie trailers. Watching trailers can help you decide together if a title is worthy of your list. Get creative if you wish and come up with a unique way to write down your list. You could choose twenty-four movies upfront and put two on the calendar for each month of the upcoming year. Another idea is to write down each one on a piece of paper in a jar and draw one out every movie night.

With today’s streaming technology, it is easy to watch many movies without buying them. You can do this by purchasing a Roku player or Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick, or a similar device. These devices allow the option to stream movies and TV shows for a one-off cost of approximately $50-$100.  The device then enables you to connect services such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and many more. Many of these devices will enable you to watch movie trailers, whether through YouTube, Internet Movie DataBase (IMDB), or their service and the actual movie.

If you already use Amazon, you may be familiar with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime members have access to a large selection of free movies and TV shows. Prime costs approximately $110 per year and comes with free two-day shipping on eligible products purchased anywhere on Amazon. Amazon Prime also allows you to buy a physical copy of the movie disc and receive it quickly if you choose.

Teachable Moments:

I could try and create a teachable moment for this one, but, honestly, I don’t think it needs any. It’s a simple and fun date for a quiet evening at home to spend one-on-one time with your child.


Creating the list is fun and exciting, but you may also want to use an existing list based on a category or genre of movies. There are lists for the best-animated film of all time, best classic movies of all time, and so on. I’ve provided some links below that will help you find examples of these lists.

Chalkoboard Parenting one on one time

A great way to spend time with your child is to make a list of movies to watch together


Entertainment. Free. Movies. Planning.


This date is free unless you opt to watch a movie you do not already own or have access to.


No advanced planning needed as the date itself is the planning.

Materials Needed:

Just something to make your list – a notepad or electronic device

Reference Websites:

Internet Movie Database (IMDB)

Top Movies List (Rotten Tomatoes)

American Film Institute – Top Movies of All Time

AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies – 10th Anniversary Edition

Amazon Prime



Sling TV

Amazon Resources:

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#1 Things to See and Do Bucket List

For a list of other ideas on how to spend one-on-one time with your child, see the full list here.

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