#16 Take a Class Together

chalkboard parenting one on one time

A great way to spend one-on-one time with your child is to take a pottery class together

Take a Class Together:

I’ve met many people whose lives were changed by taking a class. Maybe you’ve met someone like that as well – or perhaps you are that person. Taking a class can create new hobbies or even new careers, igniting passions you or your child never knew you had. You may not realize how many classes are offered on any subject you can think of. Some topics have been around for many years, like cooking and photography, but there are now classes on almost any imaginable subject. Classes are offered in-person and online, so choose one that meets your preferences. Here are a few examples of categories to consider:

Blacksmithing Photography Improv
Rock Climbing Entrepreneurship Archery
Cake Decorating Scrapbooking Raising Chickens
Genealogy Zumba Yoga
Flying Calligraphy Pottery
Gun Training Web Design Red Cross/CPR
Painting Art Blogging
Graphic Design History Social Media

Take a minute to find any activity that you and your child are already interested in and see if you can find a class you would both enjoy. Browse online and see if there are any that spark an interest. It could be a class that lasts for just a few hours or one that lasts for several months. One resource for ideas is a local college or university, which often offer classes on a vast array of subjects and interests. Don’t be surprised if this one class changes the course of your life. You may exit the class with a new hobby to enjoy for years to come or even a business idea. Just this morning, I heard a lady say she took a calligraphy class when her oldest child was born to take a break from being a full-time mom. Five years later, she has turned her classwork and interest in calligraphy into a full-time business while being at home with three children. You never know where something as simple as a class might take you.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

One reason this date is special is that it can be a date multiplier. If the two of you take a class together, and the class meets more than once, then you’ve just created more opportunities to spend time together. Spending one-on-one time doesn’t technically have to be a date, but rather any given opportunity that puts the two of you together. If you take a class that meets ten times, you’ve created more of that special time between you. Another reason this date is special is that you’re learning together. Learning together is like traveling together: there’s something unique about those relationship-building experiences. Lastly, this date can turn in to something more long term like an ongoing hobby or even a business. Either of those will bring a special bond between you.

Teachable Moments:

This date is full of teachable moments. The whole time with each other is learning something new or improving the skills you already have. You also are teaching your child the importance of (extracurricular) education and learning. The value they see in your desire to take a class with them shows the importance of continued learning.


The variation of this will be in the type of class you take, but also in if you choose to take the course online or in person. You may want to take one class that helps with physical activity, one that will create or enhance a hobby, and one that may create an income opportunity.

chalkboard parenting one on one time

A great way to spend one-on-one time with the kids is to take a pottery class


Some classes can cost a few hundred dollars, while others are free. Also, keep in mind that you may need materials or equipment, such as cameras and lenses for photography classes.


This date will require some advanced planning. You’ll need to research the kind of class you want to take. Some courses are offered frequently, while others may be offered once a year. Finding the right class for you may be something you have to invest a little time in. This will be especially true if your hobby or interest is not as popular as others. You’ll also need to make sure you can work the class into your family schedule.

One suggestion for researching classes is to find someone who’s currently doing what you want to learn how to do. For example, if you’re going to take a class on photography, contact some photographers in your town and ask them if they offer classes or recommend any. You can apply this to almost any area of interest.

Materials Needed:

It will depend on the class you’re taking

Reference Websites:

Where to look for pottery classes

25 Reasons to Take a pottery class

Taking a pottery class


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