#14 Make a Time Capsule

Chalkboard parenting - one on one time

Make a time capsule together with your child to spend one-on-one time

Make A Time Capsule With Your Child:

Time capsules have been used for a long time and are exciting both for those burying the capsule and those opening it. To create your time capsule, you will want to identify the things you want to hide inside of it. Locate a container that you can bury, and that holds your items, then choose where you want it buried. This process can be a lot of fun.

One of the great things about this date is the room for creativity. Here
are some ideas:

This could be something between you and your child or involving the whole family.

Make an official document stating when the capsule was buried and when it is to be dug up.

Depending on your child’s age, you can bury it for a year until he or she finishes elementary school, high school, or college. You could even state that it’ll be opened by a future
generation: if your son is 11, for example, you could agree that his child could open it at age 11.

Have fun picking out things – as few or as many as you want –to put in it. You can include letters to each other or yourself.

Deciding where to bury it will be fun, as well. Use common sense on location, keeping in mind that the longer the time frame of burial, the more creative you will need to be on where it is kept. You can choose to dig a hole somewhere, or you can simply hide it in an indoor location or home. 

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

This date will be unique because of the creativity and uniqueness that goes along with it. It’ll also be meaningful for the two of you, or your entire family.

Teachable Moments:

Discussions with your children of things that are important and not important to them




The variations to this date involve how elaborate you want your time capsule to be and how old your child is. I suggest the younger your child, the shorter amount of time you leave it buried.
There is a lot of room for variations and creativity as you work through constructing your time capsule. Your first date for this could consist of just the planning, followed by a second date where you go and bury it.

If you aren’t interested in burying an old-fashioned time capsule, you can choose to do an online version of almost the same thing. I’ll provide some ideas on how to do this below if you choose this direction.

Chalkboard parenting one on one time with kids

A great way to spend time with your child is to create a time capsule


Adventure. Creativity. Family. Planning. Sentimental.


The only needed cost here is what you choose to bury your items in. This will depend on the length of time you wish to bury your time capsule, the size, and how much you are willing to spend.


You will need to plan what you’re putting in the capsule, how long it will be there, and the burial location. You can decide some of these things in advance or on your date.  

Materials Needed:

Shovel – digging equipment

Airtight container

Contents of capsule

Reference Websites:

Making a family time capsule

International time capsule society

Why you need a family time capsule

My time capsule

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#6 Capture your memories on a map

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