#72 Write Letters To Friends Or Family

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A great way to spend time with kids is to write letters to friends or family

Write Letters To Friends Or Family:

Depending on your child’s age, they may have never sent or received something by mail. It is such a lost art but even at my age, I’m just as excited to receive something in the mail that isn’t junk or bills. There is something magical about going to your mailbox and finding something personal being sent to you. Maybe Amazon is the new personal mail items we used to get so long ago.

Sit down with your child and take some time to write letters to friends and family members to tell them how and why they are special to you. Can you imagine going to the mailbox to find a handwritten letter to you telling you how and why you are special to someone? I suspect that would be a highlight of your year, I know it would be for me.

Put some creativity and engagement into the process. Include some pictures of the two of you, include a gift card for their favorite restaurant. Take the time and write 12 of them and mail one each month on whatever day of the month your child was born.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

This site and what you are doing with your dates with your child are all related to the same thing, building relationships. This time spent with your child will go not only increase the relationship you have with each other but will also of course increase the one you have with the person on the receiving end of the letter(s).

Teachable Moments:

The value of relationships and letting others know how you feel about them.


The variations mostly come from the creativity you want to put into it. If you are doing this around the holidays, you could give these as Christmas presents or Thanksgiving (why you’re thankful for them).


Just some stamps.


No planning required at all.

Reference Websites:

Writing Letters to Friends and Family

Amazon Resources:



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