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Running a 5k together is a great way to have one-on-one time.



Run a 5k Together:

Committing to run a 5k together with your child is a great way to invest in both your one-on-one time as well as an investment in your physical health. Running is one of my favorite ideas for you to spend time with your child. I’ve done this date several times with both of my older two children, and it’s a date we enjoy.  To do this, you can simply sign up for the race and then do the best you can on race day together, or you can decide that you are going to train for the days/weeks leading up to the race.   

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

Two of the most essential things in life come together on this date, your relationship with your child and taking care of your body. Running a 5k together is unique for that reason, but if you commit to training for the race as opposed to just running the best you can on race day, it will be special because you will both get to spend many hours together training. It doesn’t stop at merely training but the impact that the decision to race has on your everyday health leading up to the race.       

Teachable Moments:

No matter whether you feel you have done a good job at taking care of your body or not, running a 5k together can be an opportunity for you to teach your child about the importance of diet, exercise, etc. Some of the greatest teachable moments we can offer our children are those areas to which we think we need change or teaching ourselves. Never hold back from your failures (or what you at least depict as failure), allowing for teachable moments with your child.  


If you are both experienced runners, pick a run or race that is more challenging than what you’re used to. If you and your child are capable of running a half marathon, choose a full marathon to train for. The race is only part of the experience; the rest lies in the time you decide to spend training. 

If you don’t feel running is for you, choose an exercise program or set of classes to complete together. Get a beginner belt in karate. Simply find something that brings exercise and fitness to your lives together and enjoy your time with each other.

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A great way to spend one-on-one time with your child is to run a 5k together


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If you choose to run a 5k together, the range will vary at the expense of the race. You may want or need to buy shoes and other items like a book or app for running, so the cost of the date can vary simply on how much you want to spend. Don’t allow expense to get in the way; you can do this date together for nearly next to nothing if that’s what your budget requires. 


Running a 5k together will require planning for sure. The level of how much planning you will need will depend on what you want to do with the idea. If you’re going to pick a race in the future and train, then you will need to choose one far enough in the future to allow you time to get ready. If you simply want to find a 5k and show up on race day, you will still need to register for the race that works for your schedule in advance.  

Materials Needed:

(keep in mind that these are optional items and none are required although you do need good shoes if you want to run a 5k together)

Good running shoes & socks depending on what type of race and training program

Running book, app or some way to help you train

Other miscellaneous items if you choose, such as items that allow you to use your phone while training or during your race.

Water bottle if running during hot weather

Google/Pinterest Search:

how to train for my first 5k

training for running a 5k together for beginners

Reference Websites:

Six-week beginner 5K training plan

How to Train for a 5K (Even If You Can’t Run a Mile…Yet)

5K Training: Novice

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