#9 Take A Stadium Tour

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Go on a stadium tour with your child.


Take A Stadium Tour With Your Child:

Go on a stadium tour. This activity is a great way to spend time with the sports fan in your family. If you live in a city that has a sports team within a 30-60 minute drive, most offer tours of their facility.  

The tour will allow your child to see parts of a stadium that they would never be able to see as a patron of the game. You will typically be able to see the player’s locker room, press box, etc. Most all pro and college sports stadiums offer these tours.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

If you have a son or daughter that loves sports, this can be an exceptional date for them. These tours offer a lot of information about the teams as well as their history. On vacation a few years ago, we did the stadium tour of the Dallas Cowboys. Not only did we get to see all the behind the scenes areas and learn about the history of both the stadium and the team, but we also got to play on the field as long as we wanted. It is still that son’s favorite part of that vacation.   

Teachable Moments:

Some dates with your child have lots of meaningful teachable moments; this may not necessarily be one of those. There are always teachable moments when you spend time with your child, so look for those as you take your tour.


A stadium tour is an excellent date idea for various ways you can apply the concept. Maybe your child doesn’t like sports, maybe their too young or it could be that you live in an area that there are no stadium options close to you. You can take this concept and apply it to so many venues. There is an abundance of places that may offer you a tour. A tour could be something they provide to the general public for a price like a stadium tour, or it could be that they are willing to give you a private tour after you explain what it is your doing. Here are some options – movie theatres, playhouses, schools, amusement parks, zoos, theatres, restaurants, retail stores, and factories. 

Chalkboard Parenting Stadium Tour

Chalkboard Parenting Stadium Tour


Sports. History.


The expense for this date will depend heavily on the type of tour you do with your child. If you take a tour of a professional sports team, you may pay $15-30 per person. On the flip side, if you call your local Chick-fil-a and ask them if you can tour their restaurant, they will probably do that for free, especially if you tell them what the purpose is. Free to expensive will simply depend on what it is you do.


This date will require some advanced planning, especially if you plan on visiting a professional team. Their tour schedules depend on the time of year, does the team have a home game that day and day of the week.  If you are visiting a smaller venue, you will still need to make sure you have worked out a time that works for your date and their availability. 

Materials Needed:

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