#20 Geocaching

Go geocaching with your child to spend time with them.


Go Geocaching Together:

Geocaching, a game that began in 2000, is played when someone, using their GPS, tracks down “geocaches” using a website that shows all the locations around the world. A geocache is typically a waterproof box that contains a log and pencil. The person that finds the geocache records the date they found it, as well as their “code name.” Afterward, they return the geocache to its original spot for the next person to locate. The geocaches can be any size, small to large, and may contain a wide variety of items.

There are over two million all over the world! My son and I were so surprised at how widely this game is played globally. There were several hidden items just 1-2 miles from our home. It’s not necessarily about what’s in the box, but the ability to find it, often in challenging and adventurous spots. One of the ones we saw close to our home was within an electrical tower. Every time I drive or run by it now, I think about our date and am reminded of how much fun we had that afternoon.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

There is something about a treasure hunt that speaks to most of us. Although the find might not be as famous as the treasure, it is fun to take a map, or in this case, a GPS, and find the “treasure.”

chalkboard parenting

Take your child geocaching for outdoor adventure

Teachable Moments:

Following directions

Using a GPS and compass

Safety (depending on the location)


One variation of this date is to create your geocaches. You can hide them and record the location so that others can look for them.


This date is free unless you subscribe to a paid membership on the website to access more geocaches and locations


There is no advanced planning as you can go geocaching anytime you like. I suggest making sure you have plenty of daylight, but that is the only planning necessary.

Materials Needed:

Smartphone with Geocaching app

Reference Websites:


Wikipedia – geocaching

GPS games to play on smartphones

Amazon Resources:

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