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chalkboard parenting

A great way to spend time with kids is to create a blog together

Create A Blog Together:

You may or may not find this idea interesting for you and your child. It’s understandable, if not. There is, however, one reason you shouldn’t dismiss this one, and that is if you feel it is too complicated for you (your child). This may or may not be something you want to do if you are spending time with an elementary-age child, but if you have a middle or high school student, this may be an excellent way to spend some time together and could be an excellent investment into their future.

Creating a blog years ago may have been a daunting and challenging task, but today it’s not as difficult as you think. There are tools like WordPress that make this something even the primary computer user can do. Blogging can be an excellent medium for your child to follow their hobbies or passions they might have.

Keep in mind that there have been a lot of people who have started a blog as a hobby or side project only to turn it into money. There are several ways to monetize your blog if that is something you are interested in pursuing.

WMTDS (What Makes This Date Special):

This date will be special in that it provides you a project to work on but also allows you both to have something that you take away from it for months or years to come. You never know, the blog could be something that turns into a side business for both of you.

Teachable Moments:

Website development

Computer skills


If creating a blog isn’t something you’re interested in, there are several tools out there for you to set-up something online that isn’t necessarily a blog. You can create an eBay or Amazon store; you can create a social media account related to a passion or hobby or a way to help your community.

chalkboard parenting

A great way to spend time with kids is to create a blog together


You may be surprised that you can set-up a blog for next to nothing. There are a few minor expenses, but you can have something beautiful set-up in just a few hours for probably $100 or less, and there are some free options as well.


You might find it helpful to have a plan worked out as to what you’re going to blog about and what platform you’re going to use, but it’s not necessary.

Reference Websites:


Word Press.com

The Blog Starter.com

Amazon Resources:



For a list of other ideas on how to spend one-on-one time with your child, see the full list here.

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